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Event organization

Trail running event organization

@ São Jorge

Dragon Island Trail Club aims for the Dynamics of Trail Running by organizing sports events at São Jorge Island, Azores.

We have prepared São Jorge Trail Run and Rosais Trail Run. Ahead there are new editions of these races with lots of improvements.

Check how things went below.

I São Jorge Trail Run

@ Norte Pequeno e Ribeira da Areia

Our start in organizing such na event was a huge success.

On the hills of Norte Pequeno and Norte Grande, going down the mythical “Fajãs”, we planned a short trail (17km) as a way to reach those who are starting on Trail Running. Amongst these, one could find more experienced athletes, whose feed-back was priceless.

II Trail Run of Rosais

@ Rosais

This organization of Trail Run of Rosais changed from the local scouts to Dragon Island Trail Club on 2019.

There were two routes for Trail (17 and 34km) and a Walk with 12km.

The participation of international athletes for the first time increased the level and was a boost for our commitment. Bu the end, the results showed that the azorean athletes are on level with the best!