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II S. Jorge Trail Run – Sto. Amaro – english

II São Jorge Trail Run

In 2020, the run could not be carried out. But we are not made to be still and the 2021 edition includes the safety measures from the Regional Health Authority to minimize the risk of transmission of SARS-CoV2. Make sure that you comply with all the measures that are in the regulation (here). By completing the registration, you agree to this regulation.

The parish of Santo Amaro has hidden places and trails already forgotten by many and that the Dragon Island Trail Club wanted to make known. From the sea to the mountains, and from the mountains to the sea, come and discover this place overlooking the town of Velas.

Trail – 18km

Youth Trail u.18 – 8km

Walk – 8km

Saturday, 27th March 2021 , 10h00

Cartaz II São Jorge Trail Run - Santo-Amaro - São Jorge - Açores


(non-members) – 12 €

(members) – 6€

Youth Trail

(non-members) – 12€

(members) – 6€


(non-members) – 3€

(members) – free

Payment via IBAN: PT50.0059.0006.2231.5200.0749.1

You should send the transfer confirmation to the email to verify your sign up on the run –