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Fajã d’Além Virtual Trail

Fajã De Além's Virtual Trail was created by the Dragon Island Trail Club as a way to motivate and inspire community of local runners, who suddenly found themselves without evidence to compete, giving some competitive spirit to their races, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, even in the difficult moments of pandemic in which we live. The race took place between September 26 and October 4, 2020.

S. Jorge – Azores

Trail Virtual

Fajã d’Além – Santo António

Nelson - Fajã dAlém
Winner of the race! Nelson Quadros


Congratulations to all runners.

Your participation in the race was a success. Maintaining a regular physical activity and contact with nature is essential to ensure a healthy lifestyle, so important in these times. This trail is one of the most technical trails on the island of São Jorge. The descent requires caution and the ascent… it’s not for everyone. And for that, all participants deserve our respect.

The results are in the table below.

The Dragon Island Trail Club wants to give a special word to the teenagers who participated. We know the future of the sport is in their hands. And for that, they received a special award: a Dragon Island Trail Club T-shirt, which you may wear with pride! It’s well deserved.

The winner of the race is Nelson Quadros. Congratulations!

1st Nelson Manuel Quadros                           37m49s
2nd Tiago Blayer                                           38m19s
3rd Fernando Silva                                         51m40s
4th Bruno Bettencourt                                    52m01s
5th João Paulo Silva                                       54m38s
6th Michael Cardoso                                      59m06s
7th Ricardo Silva                                        1h04m12s
8th Mariana Bettencourt                             1h08m20s
9th Anselmo Félix                                      1h12m32s
10th David Cardoso                                    1h12m40s
11th Marlene Cardoso                                 1h50m12



As determined in the race regulation, the first three male and female qualifiers will receive a technical jersey.